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The best thing about watching porn is when you’re able to gain real benefit from it. With Reality Kings, I was able to figure out the best way to buff up by having an active sex life. It’s always nice to read weight gain and bodybuilding stories. This gets truer for those who find it hard to gain weight. For that, let me do a bit of storytelling about my personal hard gaining problems back in the days and how Reality Kings helped!

Starting Out

Believe it or not, as I mentioned earlier, I was a hard gainer like most people out there. An hour before I got to work every morning, I made it a habit to do multiple reps of push ups and pull ups while every other day, I did some weight lifting at the gym. I was actually seeing some improvements in my build, but I figured it really wasn’t worth the months spent. It was as though the progress I’ve seen only amounted to a month worth of dedication. Through dissatisfaction, I resolved to visit a fitness specialist, which marked the beginning of my success story.

Shaping Up

With some professional guidance at hand, it’s easy to say that gaining weight and bodybuilding is really hard. However, it is absolutely possible. All it takes is enough determination and motivation to constantly eat the right combination of food on a daily basis. Basically, you will have to set a quota for the amount of calories you will consume and burn everyday, as well as set an amount of protein and other vitamins essential for muscle growth to acquire everyday. Of course, the right supplements help, too. Don’t take them for granted.

The wonderful thing about the site is that everything is fully organized, which means you can keep track of your favorites porn series and episodes. In my case, I went with the sex and bodybuilding series and it helped me see how both actually come together. So now, my body has really improved and my partner is always satisfied with my vigor in bed.

The real deal of Reality Kings is that it has over 8,000 plus videos that you can watch. Today, they are having a promo of 17.95 dollars a month of subscription. I suggest that you go grab it!